eft² -Tapping into

The thought of relationship therapy feel a bit daunting?

Welcome to a wonderful
new way of experiencing
relationship therapy. 

By incorporating the latest research in neuroscience, with an established and well validated relationship therapy, an exciting new relationship therapy, Tapping into Relationships – eft², has been created.


What’s so wonderful
about this therapy?

It is simple … and it works quickly …

You learn a simple technique that calms your mind and body.
It is that calmness, that is the magic of this relationship therapy.

As you learn to calm, it’s much easier to find the words that gently express what has been locked inside for so long.

As your partner calms, it’s much easier for them to finally empathically hear you!

Best of all, you will feel this calming, within yourself, and within your partner, in your very first session.

How good will that feel?

It’s simple … but it works on complex issues …

eft² – Tapping into Relationship is a relationship therapy created from a neuroscientific understanding of how our minds and bodies work.

Individual trauma can be gently tended to, and healed, within the relationship therapy itself.

It can be used in situations where other relationship therapies fear to tread.

Relationships where addictions, domestic violence, Adult ADHD, mental illnesses and complex trauma play a part, can all be improved using Tapping into Relationships – eft².

It can help you both to stop recycling old emotions and communication patterns …

Shame and blame disappear as you learn this new way to communicate your feelings and needs.

Those old ways of desperately trying to manage the issues (and each other!) are no longer required! Yes the yelling, the nagging, the whinging, the storming out, the threats and stone walling, the passive aggressive ways and even the verbal and physical abuse, can stop.

You simply won’t need those old ways of trying to get your needs met anymore when you use the techniques of eft².

eft² isn’t just limited to romantic relationships …

The eft² protocol helps you to achieve individual emotional regulation to establish emotional co-regulation … with anyone!

This therapy helps you manage all your relationships better because it helps you manage you better.

Want to know more – try this blog, Tapping into Relationships – eft² 

Inner peace creates world peace

I now feel unethical if I don’t first offer eft² relationship therapy to new clients. Why would I want clients to spend months and years in relationship therapy when I know there is an easier, kinder, faster way? Why would I want them to experience another round of hurt, confusion or abuse as they struggle through months and even years of therapy? I can still provide traditional relationship therapy if you want me to, because it is your counselling, your hearts, your money, your time, but I do want you to know about this other way of Tapping into your Relationship – eft²


I have presented on my trauma releasing relationship therapy protocol – 
Tapping into Relationships – eft² at the following conferences/campuses :

  • The Australian Counselling Association’s 6th Asia Pacific Rim Confederation of Counsellors Conference – 2019
  • The 9th Indigenous STOP Domestic Violence Conference – keynote speaker – 2019
  • The Victorian branch of the Society of Australian Sexologists (ASA) – 2020.
  • The Australian College of Applied Psychology – to occur September 2020.

What my
Clients Say

  • Tess is a wonderful therapist she works in a direct and powerful way with a caring and  gentle manner. In the 12 months I have worked with her we have literally moved mountains. Her intuitiveness is a blessing,and the EFT work has been unbelievable. I continue  each day to work with EFT.I highly recommend Tess for both single and couples counselling

    – Juliet B

  • Tess has been the best for us! In the comfort of our own home over zoom on the computer. We found Tess great to work with through all our issues. She provided a calm and relaxed approach to each of us with no bias whatsoever. Tess really gets to know each point of view and gets down to the root problems. Her service has helped our relationship immensely!!

    – Holly G

  • Not only did I do solo sessions with Tess, but my partner and I came to see her for relationship counselling. Again, this was pivotal in us reconnecting and truly understanding what was going on for one another.

    Thank you Tess, I am forever thankful for the work we did together.

    – Jenna H

  • It is also no exaggeration to say that Tess was pivotal in me overcoming a 10 year fear of flying and overseas travel. Tess introduced me to Tapping/EFT and it literally changed my perspective on how I could cope with stress and emotional angst and panic attacks. I cannot understate the power of this gift/tool.

    – Jenna H

  • Tess’s knowledge and experience is first class. The way she links science with emotions and feelings is astonishing. Couldn’t recommend her more highly to all my friends and family. You will walk away with so much gained and a clearer and healthier frame of mind after seeing Tess.

    – Adam H