Assistance Program

Did you know that for every $1 you spend on your employee’s mental health,
your business/company/organisation stands to gain $5?

A mentally healthy employee is a happy and productive employee  – it makes sense to care for your people!

Can you envisage the supportive, encouraging work environment your happy, productive employees would then create?

Imagine how much pressure that could take off you!

I really enjoy supporting small companies, organisations and business to create a mentally healthy work environment, through personalised Employment Assistance Programs.

Like all counselling, this therapy is 100% confidential – nothing is reported back to employers unless the client requests it to be or there is a risk to the welfare or safety of the employee or others.


Don’t leave it until you have a major issue to deal with, to source an EAP counsellor that fits with the ethos of your company/organisation/business.
Organise your peace of mind now!


I am also a Director on the Board of WILDTalk, a not for profit organisation that offers EAP support to carers of injured or orphaned Wildlife. Caring for carers creates an environment in which we all can flourish and prosper.

What my
Clients Say

  • I was lucky to have been connected with Tess a few years ago through a prior workplace EAP program. Tess is highly skilled, compassionate and intuitive, and Tess seemed to magically know what support and assistance I needed.

    – Rebecca C

  • Tess is the best phycologist I have ever seen.  She gave me excellent advice and tools that helped me out a lot. I highly recommend her.

    – Laura P

  • What a wonderful therapist! She put me at ease so quickly and I had absolutely no hesitation in sharing my stuff with her.

    – Fran C

  • As my EAP counsellor, Tess has helped me so much this year through really difficult times at work. She is professional and puts you at ease even whilst talking about difficult subjects. I have had so much benefit from our discussions and different methods such as tapping. I can’t recommend her enough for helping me.

    – Georgia S

  • I feel as though a short blurb wouldn’t be enough to capture the rave review I’d give Tess. She is the ultimate professional and has an approach that would cater for all types. From the friendly face that meets you at the door to go with the calming setting of her rooms, she makes for an amazing counsellor.

    – Adam H

  • Tess is so very skilled at treating people with trauma, and it shows.
    During these challenging sessions, Tess was always so very kind, supportive and took great care to watch that I didn’t slip into a PTSD reaction.

    – Jenna H