Hurt people

Family conflict can feel so confusing and overwhelming when hurt people hurt others – even the ones they love, most often, the ones they love!

That’s how pain patterns get passed on from generation to generation – hurt and shame shutting down any real communication, let alone resolution.

By using my unique relationship therapy – Tapping into Relationships – eft² – what was often seen as challenging counselling for therapist and clients alike, becomes not only possible, but rewarding, and dare I say it, even enjoyable!

I can help you and your family to …

  • Heal.
  • Create empathic understanding of each other.
  • Find new ways of interacting and connecting.
  • Finally feel truly understood within the family dynamic.
  • Challenge damaging entrenched belief systems and ways of being that have shut you all down.
  • Break the chain of transgenerational trauma where hurt creates further hurt.
  • Develop mutual understanding and respect for each other., despite the past.
  • Create family harmony through mutual understanding and agreement.
  • Generate the opportunity for forgiveness.

What my
Clients Say

  • Our family of six has been lucky enough to have Tess as our Counsellor through some difficult situations over the last four years. Tess has offered advice with wisdom and compassion every time we’ve needed some support. We’ve found Tess to be trustworthy, and I would describe her approach as commonsense.

    – Robyn B

  • Tess is a wonderful and compassionate counsellor. She has great practical advice that can be implemented quickly and easily into everyday life. Tess has worked with the entire family to build common ground with all of us. Thank you, Tess.

    – WY

  • Tess has been most helpful to me and my son. She communicates well with adults and children alike and is able to make the vulnerable feel comfortable and open up to her. I’ve learned a lot about myself and am as a result a stronger, happier person. I found peace within myself which I didn’t know had been lost for a long time.

    – Rasha S

  • Tess is equally at home working with individuals, families, and groups. While she helps all with whom she works, her warm and nurturing approach with children is particularly noteworthy, in a field where this is often regarded as a challenge.

    – Sue H-P

  • Our children are all aged 13 and under, and Tess has connected with them brilliantly – the kids love talking to her. I would wholeheartedly recommend Tess for any adult or child who has a situation which they need some help to work through. Tess has helped us find the methods that work for us as a family, and as individuals.

    – Robyn B

  • Tess is a warm and caring individual who makes you immediately feel safe and supported. Tess was equally able to support my 12 year old son and myself as the adult in the room. Tess ensured that the type of therapy suited my son and invited him to help direct the session making him feel comfortable and able to own up.

    – Susan K