Time poor? Just too much to juggle and too busy to be able to get to counselling … even though you know you, or your relationship, really need it?

How about 2- 5 days where the
counselling comes to you?

Now let’s do that in an environment that is really relaxing and calming for you?

I organise counselling to suit your specific needs in an environment that is calming and renewing. You can choose where you would like to be – cocooned in your own home, down by the sea in a luxury apartment, or up in the hills in a secluded cabin? The choice is yours.

You also choose what additional body work therapies you might like – massage, yoga, Thai Chi, meditation or simply walks in nature? I guide you through the whole process of choice or you might simply know exactly where you want to go and the issues you want to address.

This is a perfect way for couples to renew and redefine their relationship away from the intrusion of everyday life.

You focus and renew for those few days, and then I support you to maintain those changes as you reengage with your busy lives.