things just seem too hard
to talk about, to make sense of,
don’t they?

That’s where I can help. Help you find the words to describe the feelings. Help you slow the incessant racing thoughts. Help you make sense of what has happened.

Help you find successful ways to get your needs met – ways that don’t end up sabotaging the very thing you wanted to create.

When we talk about our feelings they become less overwhelming, less upsetting, less scary, and they stop pushing us around, sabotaging the life we want.

Individual Counselling is
where I help you …

  • To gain freedom from stress, worry and anxiety.
  • Improve your sense of self esteem, self worth and self confidence.
  • Tame anger by helping you learn skills of assertiveness.
  • Release an addiction to create healthier ways of coping.
  • Find support through grief and loss.
  • Change your bullying thoughts to ones that are kind and self nurturing.
  • Identify and let go of feelings of guilt, shame, anger, resentment and fear.
  • Find safe ways to leave an abusive relationship.
  • Gently heal trauma.
  • Learn why you do what you do, and help you to stop sabotaging the very things you seek.
  • Learn to love your body and eat healthily.
  • Detach from perfectionism to find satisfaction and happiness.
  • Learn self nurturing strategies so that others respect and value you.
  • Blitz procrastination as you develop skills of motivation.
  • Learn parenting skills that build life-long connectedness.
  • Understand your teenagers so that they can reconnect with your family and society.
  • Stand up to bullying using guided strategies.Deal with depression and depressive thoughts to gain happiness, purpose and joy.
  • Move from self harm to self nurture.

What my
Clients Say

  • Each time you talk with Tess you come away on a high knowing you are addressing the issues that have caused so much distress in your life and that you now have the tools necessary to overcome.

    – Graeme P

  • Tess is incredibly caring and very good at what she does. Have loved seeing her and she has helped me an indescribable amount.

    – Fiona Kerr,

  • I personally have developed and grown as a person through my sessions, they have helped me through tough times, and major decision making. Highly recommend this knowledgeable and compassionate therapist.

    – Jessica L

  • I have been seeing Tess for about 3 months and found that just after a few sessions I was able to come to terms with so many issues that I battled for years. Would strongly recommend her services. Thanks Tess.

    – Paul M

  • I had my first session with Tess 7 years ago and still call on her for guidance today. She has been a wonderful support, particularly after the sudden death of my father 4 years ago, helping me process the grief.

    – Amy S