Creating Heartfelt

Who do you talk to about your
relationship issues?

We all have relationship challenges from time to time. Choosing the confidential space of counselling, with a well respected relationship specialist, makes sense.

Hello, I’m
Tess Reilly-Browne

I truly love helping individuals, couples and families to rescue their relationships – especially the relationship they have with themselves.

In my private practice, I have supported thousands of clients to create the relationships, and lives they have always desired.

By employing the latest neuroscientific research, whilst looking through the lens of attachment theory, I have created a simple, effective therapy that very quickly tackles the complex issues, sabotaging loving connected relationships.

Together, in my counselling room, or via online video sessions, we can create the life and relationships you dream of.

About Tess

The thought of couples counselling
feel a bit daunting?

Welcome to a wonderful new way of experiencing
relationship therapy.

By incorporating the latest research in neuroscience, with an established and well validated relationship therapy, an exciting new relationship therapy, Tapping into Relationships – eft², has been created.

Our Services

All available via

Face To Face  or  Online Video


Feeling a bit lost and stuck in your relationship?
Need some help to unravel the confusion and hurt? To find a way back to each other?

I can gently guide you both on that journey … and it will be a lot simpler and easier than you expected! Ready to give it a go?

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Need a safe place to talk things through?
To make sense of your feelings and circumstances? To find better ways to deal with your mental health, relationships and life?

I can help with that … in a way that just feels like we’re having a nice friendly chat.

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Online Video

Worried that online counselling services, even via video, might feel too impersonal?
I can absolutely guarantee, that you will still feel the warmth of human connectedness when I guide your online counselling session.

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What my
Clients Say

  • Tess is the most amazing counsellor! She has a special gift of helping you feel calm, safe and cared for. Her empathy, ability to listen carefully and pinpoint exactly what is causing you emotional distress is second to none.

    – Graeme P

  • Tess is absolutely wonderful and passionate about her profession. Deep knowledge and understanding that she communicates efficiently. Detailed explanations drawn from experience and a scientific background.

    – Jessica L

  • If I could give a 6 star review for Tess I would. I highly recommend her. She is honest, real, kind, gentle and so very experienced in treating people from all walks of life – and it shows in her sessions. Thank you Tess, I am forever thankful for the work we did together.

    – Jenna H

  • Your search for the right person to help you overcome is complete, all you need to do is make an appointment with Tess.

    – Graeme P