About Tess

How do you pick the
right therapist for you?

It’s a really wise question to be asking!

Feeling like your counsellor, really understands you and sees your problem/s clearly, is a pivotal ingredient in successful counselling. It’s called therapeutic rapport – and it means your counsellor gets you and that you feel absolutely comfortable with them.

Comfortable enough to discuss really challenging things!

Hello, I’m
Tess Reilly-Browne

…and it’s my ability of quickly putting clients at ease, that is perhaps my greatest skill as a therapist.

Lots of degrees and qualifications underpin my family relationship counselling practice (MASS Counselling; Dip Ed EC; Cert IV Alcohol and other Drugs, PPP and many qualifications in specific therapies) …

but it’s my wealth of experience supporting thousands of clients, by truly listening to each and every one of them, that defines me as a counsellor with whom my clients can connect, and depend upon.

I shall creatively integrate and tailor a variety of cognitive, systemic, experiential and somatic theories and therapies to best support you to identify and release stuck feelings, rigid thought patterns and entrenched behaviours that sabotage your dreams and goals.

Research always informs how I mindfully employ therapies to engage the
wonderful neuro-plasticity of our brain.

We really can rewire our brain, to change how we think, feel and act in differing situations. Counselling can help you take charge of your life, rather than feeling stuck or controlled by your past.

We all navigate relationships the entirety of our lives. When I focus on the relational dynamics within counselling it provides a leverage for change that bypasses the need for anyone to feel blame, guilt and shame.

My greatest professional achievement has been the development of a trauma informed relationship therapy protocol called Tapping into Relationships – eft² – which I now teach to other therapists and present on at conferences. I love being able to support change in others, especially those who haven’t had safe, nurturing and happy relationships in their earlier life. Everyone deserves to feel valued and loved.

However, far better than me telling you about myself – read what my clients have said about me in my google reviews or here on my website, they can best tell you, who I am, and how I am, as a therapist.

Then you will know if I’m the best therapist for you.

My Integrated

Here are the major therapies that I creatively integrate according to a clients unique needs:

  • Tapping into Relationships – eft²
  • Emotional Focused Therapy EFT
  • Intentional Tapping SET
  • Process Therapy
  • The Havening Techniques
  • Interactive Drawing Therapy IDT
  • Emotional Freedom Technique EFT -TAPPING
  • Family Systems Therapy
  • Mindfulness Based Therapy
  • Sand Play
  • Internal Family Systems IFS
  • Acceptance Commitment Therapy ACT
  • Strength Based Therapy
  • Solution Focused Therapy
  • Narrative Therapy
  • Transactional Analysis TA
  • Gestalt Therapy Techniques
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy CBT
  • Dialectic Behavioural Therapy DB

I also use a variety of counselling modalities through which to deliver these therapies, according to the contextual needs of each client – Face to face counselling can be supported by telephone, online video counselling, email, or text to produce the changes a client seeks. I also provide home visits for clients who are housebound.

What my
Clients Say

  • Every session leaves me feeling valued, heard, seen, and nurtured and Tess has played such a critical role in identifying underlying factors contributing to my emotional distress and provided many useful tools to assist me in this journey (tools she often takes the time to explain the science behind too, which I also find super beneficial).

    – Nicole F

  • Tess is the best phycologist I have ever seen.  She gave me excellent advice and tools that helped me out a lot. I highly recommend her.

    – Laura P

  • Tess is so very skilled at treating people with trauma, and it shows.
    During these challenging sessions, Tess was always so very kind, supportive and took great care to watch that I didn’t slip into a PTSD reaction.

    – Jenna H

  • I feel as though a short blurb wouldn’t be enough to capture the rave review I’d give Tess. She is the ultimate professional and has an approach that would cater for all types. From the friendly face that meets you at the door to go with the calming setting of her rooms, she makes for an amazing counsellor.

    – Adam H

  • Tess’s work with couples and families who are having significant relationship difficulties, is creative and successful. As her current professional supervisor, one of the qualities I appreciate about Tess is her ability to reflect on her work to ensure that she is offering her clients the most appropriate and best therapy possible.

    – Sue H-P