We are all defined by the relationships we have
.. and even those we don’t have.

Relationship Counselling can be about the relationship you have with your partner/s, your parent, your child, your friend, your co-worker, your boss or employee, even the relationship you have with your culture and most especially, the relationship you have with yourself!

We are always negotiating relationships, and how these are negotiated has a large impact on our happiness, sense of purpose and contentment.

My specialised Couples Therapy,
Tapping into Relationships – eft² can quickly help you to:


Rebuild trust where it has been broken.

Improve communication through empathic listening.

Reinvigorate connectedness.

Reclaim intimacy.

Refine parenting skills.

Develop coping strategies after a relationship breakdown.

Negotiate the challenges of blended families.

Separate with dignity & create respectful Parenting Plans.

Gain support through grief after losing a loved one.

Manage life stages and the inherent challenges of those.

Find ways to live fulfilling lives with physical or mental illness.

Manage the relationship challenges of addictions and phobias.

Untangle co-dependency to create interdependence.

Stop domestic violence by taming fear and creating empathic respect.

Halt transgenerational trauma and find new ways for your family to engage.

Gain support and education in managing Adult ADHD,

Narcissism and other personality disorders within the relationship dynamic.

Create harmonious polyamorous relationships.

Relieve sexual issues within your relationship.

What my
Clients Say

  • Tess has been the best for us! In the comfort of our own home over zoom on the computer. We found Tess great to work with through all our issues. She provided a calm and relaxed approach to each of us with no bias whatsoever. Tess really gets to know each point of view and gets down to the root problems. Her service has helped our relationship immensely!!

    – Holly G

  • Tess is a wonderful therapist she works in a direct and powerful way with a caring and  gentle manner. In the 12 months I have worked with her we have literally moved mountains. Her intuitiveness is a blessing,and the EFT work has been unbelievable. I continue  each day to work with EFT.I highly recommend Tess for both single and couples counselling

    – Juliet B

  • I can not speak highly enough about Tess, she is so intuitive, empathetic and warm. My partner and I have been seeing Tess for over 6 months now and have really dug into the core of our problems. Tess has given us guidance to explore these and navigate them. Tess is so passionate in what she does and we always feel so much better after leaving a session.

    – Georgia K

  • Tess got to the nub of our issues quite quickly, and helped us work through them together in a positive and respectful way. Each time we visited we came away feeling as if more issues had been resolved and that we had a better understand of ourselves and each other. We probably should have done this years earlier.

    – Eprivate F

  • Not only did I do solo sessions with Tess, but my partner and I came to see her for relationship counselling. Again, this was pivotal in us reconnecting and truly understanding what was going on for one another.

    Thank you Tess, I am forever thankful for the work we did together.

    – Jenna H