Worried that online counselling, even via video,
might feel too impersonal?

Let me reassure you … that the human connectedness of an experienced counsellor, transcends the digital divide.

When face to face counselling is not available, or limits your access to quality or specialised services, online video counselling is a wonderful secure alternative.

Often people simply prefer online video counselling
– here’s just a few of their reasons:

  • They don’t have to travel – that saves time and money.
  • They can’t access a relationship specialist where they live.
  • They can remain in the comfort and privacy of their home.
  • Rural people finally have equal access to quality therapy.
  • They don’t have to organise babysitters or care providers.
  • Couples, family members or work colleagues can be in different localities and still access the joint session.
  • It provides physically safe boundaries in acrimonious situations.
  • A video recording can be made for the participants to review and gain further therapeutic understanding of what might be playing into their challenges.
  • People with disabilities, on an NDIS plan, or who are house bound can still access the comfort of quality counselling.
  • For some people this just feels a safer way for them to go near vulnerable feelings or traumatic events, where they can experience a greater sense of control of their immediate environment.
  • Some people need to be sure they are not publicly recognised attending counselling.
  • And of course there’s the physical safety provided in viral pandemics!

What my
Clients Say

  • Tess has worked with the entire family to build common ground with all of us. Her skills have been particularly tested during COVID-19 and yet she can still work wonders over teleconferencing. Thank you, Tess. 

    – WY

  • I’m so grateful to have stumbled across Tess’ page and I was instantly drawn to her services. In a time of high emotional distress, further perpetuated by isolation and lockdown, Tess has been such a wonderful counsellor and her vibrant warmth, and empathy radiates even through a screen.

    – Nicole F

  • Tess has been the best for us! In the comfort of our own home over zoom on the computer. We found Tess great to work with through all our issues. She provided a calm and relaxed approach to each of us with no bias whatsoever. Tess really gets to know each point of view and gets down to the root problems. Her service has helped our relationship immensely!!

    – Holly G

  • I’ve been seeing Tess for the past 3.5 yrs and she’s been amazing. Really professional and has a wealth of experience to gently support people through whatever is. Tess has been flexible once our baby was born too and we’ve been able to have sessions online via camera.

    – Jade T

  • One of the most caring counsellors I have ever encountered, really goes the extra mile when needed. Her methods are truly incredible. I can not rate her service and professionalism (both face to face and online) highly enough.

    – Brett R

  • I would highly recommend her for face-to-face psychotherapy, or for web-based counselling, with which she has also provided successful outcomes to distant clients.

    – Sue H-P