for Therapists

Needing support, so you can
support your clients?

Good Supervision is essential to good practice, and a pivotal ingredient of mindful self care for those working in the mental health sector.

Whilst I have completed an approved Australian Counselling Association (ACA) Supervisor’s course, the model of supervision I most closely follow is that of Daphne Hewson and Michael Carroll’s Reflective Practice in Supervision (2016), employing their philosophy, ‘that the best teachers are within ourselves’.

I offer practitioners a safe space to pause within their practice life, where reflections and vulnerability are not only accepted, but encouraged. Our co-creation of this safe supervisory dialogue will give us each permission to question established wisdom, unpacking our beliefs with an awareness of the many narratives inter-weaving our practice frameworks.

Although supervision focuses on 3 primary areas, being Client Care, Professional Standards and Professional Development, it will be you that guides the focus and content of your supervision sessions as your practice and situation dictates. I also offer immediate support in situations of emergency.

Feeling like someone has your back, empowers you to do your best work.

I delight in co-creating that safe place, allowing you to unpack your therapeutic challenges.  

What my
Clients Say

  • I engage Tess’s support in the capacity of professional supervisor (Social Worker/Family Therapist). I love her ‘supervision contract’, and often find myself inspired by her manner of practice – holding professionalism whilst being extremely personable and caring. She is an excellent role model for me as I continue to grow in my practice ability, and I am grateful to have found her. 

    – Rebecca C

  • Whilst working with Tess I have found her very caring, passionate and intuitive. She is wise and has a wealth of experience to draw on. I have also found her very encouraging. Highly recommended!

    – Clare R

  • Tess creates a safe and welcoming space for supervision. It’s fun and inspiring to work with her.

    – Alma B

  • Tess introduced me to Emotional Freedom Technique and Interactive Drawing Therapy, and when looking for a supervisor I was encouraged to see that Tess is informed by many of the therapy styles which are my preferred practice or which I hope to learn in the future. 

    – Rebecca C

  • Tess is a warm, wise, thoughtful therapist who has the ability to make anyone feel at ease. I regularly refer couples and individuals to Tess because I know they’ll be in safe, caring hands.

    – Verity B

  • Tess is an experienced and caring professional who helps individuals, couples and families.

    – Dr April O’mara

  • The qualities that mark her work include compassion, caring, and an ability to walk in her client’s shoes that allows her to develop creative but scientifically based interventions. The success of her psychotherapy is evidenced by the referrals made by her clients to those they know.

    – Sue H-P