Choose kindness …

Want to try an experiment, that I promise will change how you feel … for the better?

What if you just chose to be kind today? 

What would happen if you just chose kindness … only kindness all day … in everything you did?

What if that was the one goal you made for today –

to be kind!

If you just chose to give your hurt and bitterness and rage and anger and judgment and criticism, a little rest for today? Let’s face it, they’re all probably a little overworked and exhausted and would enjoy a day off from finding fault with everything and everyone, including you!

Just one day? 

And you started by being kind to you?

Judging you less, being angry with you less – just being kind to you. 

What might change in your day, do you think? 



Sure, not everyone will miraculously change just because you decided to be kind. But they might. They might soften just a little. They at least will wonder, ‘What’s happening here?’ and that could make you secretly smile a little, don’t you think?

How would that smile, which grew from kindness, feel inside of you? 

How would it feel, if instead of lashing back at silly or nasty or hurtful things others did, you first gave your self a dose of lovely warm compassion, and then chose … to give that other person some free kindness. They surely need it if they are being so awful. 

We only act bad when we feel bad!

So why not today? Just give yourself one day of being kind to you, to them, to everyone. You’re not going to base your kindness on how they are, or what they do, but on

… who you want to be today.

I dare you! Choose today to immerse your life in a kindness bubble. 

You’re just going to go about your day adding in little doses of kindness.

I absolutely know, that you will feel a little better in your spirit when you go to sleep at the end of the day. Want to know something else? That good feeling, will have altered your body to be healthier too – it’s true! Dr David Hamilton is good at explaining how kindness heals our body in his book, The 5 Side Effects of Kindness. And yes, your mind will be a little calmer and you’ll go to sleep with a smile on your face for a day well-lived. 

Do it for you … 

PS Just know I’m not advocating staying in abusive relationships – but it is interesting how even really hurtful, toxic people can soften with a dose of kindness. 

PPS And I’m not saying this solves all the problems because we do need to also have a voice that is respected and heard in relationships

… and kindness is also a good place to begin that too.